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Monitoring the Impacts of the 1996 Farm Bill

Project Period:

18 months 1997-03-01 - 1998-09-01

Principal Investigator:

Ann Sorensen, CAE; Esther Day, CAE; Ruth Goldstein, Government Relations

We looked at some of the impacts of conservation programs implemented by the 1996 Farm Bill with the goal of improving conservation efforts. This included evaluations of the buffer strips initiative; the Agricultural Conservation Program and its replacement, the Environmental Quality Incentives Program; federal-state-local partnerships formed through conservation districts, the performance of the Environmental Benefits Index in the Conservation Reserve Program sign-ups, conservation programs and farmers' intentions in a typical Midwestern watershed, a GIS study of the correlation between rapid development and erosion nationwide, and the readiness of states to participate in the Federal Farmland Protection Program.

White papers and Internet publications. The information was used by USDA NRCS during the rule-making and implementation process.

American Farmland Trust