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Strengthening and Expanding Conservation Practices on Farmland in the Upper Midwest

Project Period:

2 years 2001-08-01 - 2003-08-01

Principal Investigator:

Ann Sorensen, CAE with Denny Caneff, AFT Upper Midwest Office, Jim Cubie, ACIC and David Schorr, World Wildlife Fund

AFT will lead a comprehensive nationwide effort to reorient farm policy during the next two years. Through education, coalition building and grassroots work, we hope to focus more federal support on the sectors and regions of U.S. agriculture that return the highest economic and environmental benefit to the taxpayer. Reorienting farm policy to comprehensively address conservation needs will make it possible for all farmers in the Upper Mississippi region to implement practices to protect water quality, air quality, soils, wetlands, rural landscapes and wildlife habitat. The project includes work with stakeholder groups, work on targeted nutrient management insurance policies and funding for WWF to publish the results of the WWF/AFT/Wallace Center Midwest Region Commodities and the Environment Workshop.

improved implementation of conservation programs and targeted risk insurance for farmers willing to reduce the use of fertilizers.

American Farmland Trust