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Professor on Sabbatical: Al Sokolow, Agricultural Issues Center, University of California at Davis: Evaluating the Effectiveness of PDR Programs

Project Period:

17 months 2002-01-01 - 2003-06-01

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Al Sokolow and Ann Sorensen, AFT CAE

We will evaluate the effectiveness of Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) programs and use what we learn to help states, counties and municipalities maximize the benefits these programs can generate in permanently protecting working landscapes and blocking sprawl. This is the first time such an evaluation has been undertaken nationally. There are at least 34 independently funded, stand-alone local PDR programs in 11 states. There are state-level PDR programs in 19 states.

(Proposed): At least five states, two counties and one municipality will effectively and permanently protect large areas of farmland to help redirect urban development and discourage sprawl.

American Farmland Trust