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Sustainable Agriculture/Integrated Pest Management Consensus Building Process

Project Period:

22 months 1994-09-01 - 1995-04-01

Principal Investigator:

Ann Sorensen, CAE, and Ferd Hoefner, Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Both USDA and EPA approached CAE early in 1994 and asked us to convene a consensus-building process between leaders from the sustainable agriculture and IPM communities. The first meeting was held in December 1994 with a second meeting in February 1995 and a third meeting in May 1995. Kitty R. Smith, USDA ERS, facilitated the workshops.

The consensus process led to: 1) a joint fact sheet on the two approaches to growing crops (and joint visits to Congress), 2) the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) regional councils and IPM regional councils agreed to include each other as participants at their meetings and 3) a subcommittee was formed to develop evaluation criteria and specific pilot projects that merge IPM and sustainable agriculture into an integrated farm management strategy.

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