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Determining the Environmental Benefits of Agriculture in the Pacific Northwest

Project Period:

1 year 2002-01-01 - 2003-01-01

Principal Investigator:

Don Stuart and Rich Hines, AFT Pacific Northwest Regional Office with Ann Sorensen, CAE and Doug Kreiger, consultant to CAEFunding: $10,000

The proposed research will identify, and quantify in physical and monetary terms, selected environmental benefits associated with maintaining land in farming as compared to residential or other developed use. Estimates of the monetary value of environmental services related to farmland will link agricultural land use directly to human welfare and provide a means for comparing the environmental benefits of agricultural land to the benefits associated with the most likely alternative use of the land - developed use. Research results will help inform local governments of the true value of farmland as it relates to human welfare and land use planning. AFT's Pacific Northwest Office hopes to form a partnership with the Washington State Farm Bureau and Washington Audubon to carry out the project.

a better understanding of the environmental benefits of agriculture in the Pacific Northwest

American Farmland Trust