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EPA Pesticide Users' Research and Regulatory Forums

Project Period:

15 months 1994-08-01 - 1995-08-01

Principal Investigator:

Ann Sorensen, CAE, and Mike Wallace, National Foundation for IPM Education

August 1994 - August 1995 (extended through November 1995)
In 1994, EPA asked the National Foundation for IPM Education to organize regional meetings with pesticide users to discuss EPA's pesticide policies and focus on the issue of reducing pesticide use. The first meeting was held in El Paso, Texas, in October. Subsequent meetings were held in Washington, D.C. in April 1995 and September 1995. NFIPME contracted with the CAE to facilitate these meetings and write and publish the proceedings.

Three publications and EPA briefings. The workshops focused on EPA's pesticide reduction initiative and water quality strategies. These forums led to the development of the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program by EPA. As of 2002, over 100 PESP partners have submitted plans with EPA to reduce the use of high risk pesticides.

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