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Building AFT’s Geographic Information Systems Capability

Project Period:

2 years 5 months 1999-10-01 - 2002-03-01

Principal Investigator:

Mike Eley, CAE and Ann Sorensen, CAE; Richard Greene, Northern Illinois University

We used Geographic Information Systems to integrate agricultural census data, National Resources Inventory data and other national, regional and state data to generate a series of state, regional and national maps. The maps include information on demographics, natural resources, urban development, and other issues impacting the protection of farmland. A model developed in cooperation with Colorado State University using housing block census data allows us to project development on a state by state basis to 2025. We are also repeating the Farming on the Edge II analysis with 1997 Natural Resources Inventory data.

We now have over 200 maps available for AFT and NRCS staff to use on a restricted website we maintain at CAE.

American Farmland Trust