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Integrated Pest Management

Starting with the 1992 National Integrated Pest Management Forum and culminating at the Third National IPM Symposium in 1996, the need to assess IPM program impacts emerged as a concern for those involved in IPM. This concern became a top priority when the General Accounting Office (GAO) criticized IPM programs in 2001. The GAO report, "Management Improvements Needed to Further Promote Integrated Pest Management," reviewed the progress made by the National IPM Initiative and emphasized the need to measure the impacts of IPM programs, such as environmental and economic effects, rather than IPM adoption rates or pesticide application rates.

AFT has analyzed 15 environmental indicator models that assess how pesticide applications affect the environment and public health. Our research indicates that some of these models can be used to evaluate how pesticide applications affect the environment and public health as one component of a more comprehensive IPM evaluative effort to evaluate the impacts of IPM.

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