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Research Publications by Date

A National View of Agriculture Easement Programs: Measuring Success in Protecting Farmland - Report 4

A National View of Agricultural Easement Programs: How Programs Select Farmland to Fund - Report 2

A National View of Agricultural Easement Programs: Easements and Local Planning - Report 3

The Environmental Benefits of Well-Managed Farmland

A National View of Agricultural Easement Programs: Profiles and Maps - Report 1

Targeting and the Environmental Quality Incentive Program

Urbanization and Water quality

Agriculture and Water quality

Saving Open Spaces - Public Support for Farmland Protection

Kane County Residential Value: The Influence of Open Space Amenities

Stormflow and Land Use Change: Low Density Development in the Ferson-Otter Creek Watershed, 1960-1996

Living on the Edge - Fiscal Costs and Public Safety Risks of Low-Density Residential Development on Farmland

An Overview of Conservation and Agricultural Policy: Questions From the Past and Observations About the Present

Incentive Based Conservation Policy and the Changing Role of Government

Farm and Forest: Which Way to Sustainability

Green Payments as Foreshadowed by EQIP

Visions of Agricultural Conservation Policy Beyond 2002: Implications for Partnerships

Owners' Attitudes Towards Regulation of Agricultural Land: Technical Report on a National Survey

Voluntary Incentives for Farmland Preservation in Central Ohio: What Do Farmers Think?

Protecting Farmland on the Edge. What Policies and Programs Work?

Dane County, Wisconsin: Plats versus Plows

DeKalb County, Illinois: First in Agriculture

McHenry County, Illinois - Farmland at Risk

Determinants of Farmland Value

Public Infrastructure Investment and the Market for Farmland

Measuring the Impact of Direct Government Payments on the Value of Midwest Cropland

The Effects of Growth Management Policies on Agricultural Land Values

Taxes and the Market for Farmland

Understanding the Rules, Practices and Attitudes Regarding Land Use in Waukesha County, Wisconsin

Farmland Tax Policy: The Case of DeKalb County, Illinois

An Economic Perspective on Values and Natural Resource Policy

In Pursuit of the Commons: Toward a Farmland Protection Strategy for the Midwest

Farmland Protection Policy: An Economic Perspective

American Farmland Trust