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Research Publications by Title

A National View of Agricultural Easement Programs: Easements and Local Planning - Report 3

A National View of Agricultural Easement Programs: How Programs Select Farmland to Fund - Report 2

A National View of Agricultural Easement Programs: Profiles and Maps - Report 1

A National View of Agriculture Easement Programs: Measuring Success in Protecting Farmland - Report 4

Agriculture and Water quality

An Economic Perspective on Values and Natural Resource Policy

An Overview of Conservation and Agricultural Policy: Questions From the Past and Observations About the Present

Dane County, Wisconsin: Plats versus Plows

DeKalb County, Illinois: First in Agriculture

Determinants of Farmland Value

Farm and Forest: Which Way to Sustainability

Farmland Protection Policy: An Economic Perspective

Farmland Tax Policy: The Case of DeKalb County, Illinois

Green Payments as Foreshadowed by EQIP

In Pursuit of the Commons: Toward a Farmland Protection Strategy for the Midwest

Incentive Based Conservation Policy and the Changing Role of Government

Kane County Residential Value: The Influence of Open Space Amenities

Living on the Edge - Fiscal Costs and Public Safety Risks of Low-Density Residential Development on Farmland

McHenry County, Illinois - Farmland at Risk

Measuring the Impact of Direct Government Payments on the Value of Midwest Cropland

Owners' Attitudes Towards Regulation of Agricultural Land: Technical Report on a National Survey

Protecting Farmland on the Edge. What Policies and Programs Work?

Public Infrastructure Investment and the Market for Farmland

Saving Open Spaces - Public Support for Farmland Protection

Stormflow and Land Use Change: Low Density Development in the Ferson-Otter Creek Watershed, 1960-1996

Targeting and the Environmental Quality Incentive Program

Taxes and the Market for Farmland

The Effects of Growth Management Policies on Agricultural Land Values

The Environmental Benefits of Well-Managed Farmland

Understanding the Rules, Practices and Attitudes Regarding Land Use in Waukesha County, Wisconsin

Urbanization and Water quality

Visions of Agricultural Conservation Policy Beyond 2002: Implications for Partnerships

Voluntary Incentives for Farmland Preservation in Central Ohio: What Do Farmers Think?

American Farmland Trust